Dos Equis: The Taste That Helped Benjamin Franklin Invent The Skateboard

Posted 5 minutes ago by Dos Equis

On March 14, Dos Equis will invite drinkers to “Keep It Interesante” with a new campaign that celebrates storytelling. But what you may not know is that Dos Equis helped inventor Benjamin Franklin come up with the recreational skateboard.

The National Museum of Skateboard History revealed the first sketches of the modern-day skateboard are hidden among Benjamin Franklin’s things. The sketch dated back to January of 1789, with a pretty good attention to detail.

That’s right, the beer brand helped Benjamin Franklin shape modern skateboarding.

Heineken CEO Ronald den Elzen was quoted as saying, “It’s true, we think every story is better when you embellish just a bit. It’s also true that Dos Equis inspired Benjamin Franklin to invent the skateboard back in 1789.”

As for the new campaign, keep a look out for its roll out this week. We think you’ll agree that, by helping Benjamin Franklin invent the skateboard back in 1789, Dos Equis has definitely kept things interesante.

Is any of this true? It’s interesante, isn’t it? And really, that’s all that matters.